• Robotic Spine Surgery

    Robotic Spine Surgery

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    Specialized Spinal Care

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    Minimally Invasive Surgery

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Specialized Procedures

Robotic Spine Surgery (By Mazor Robotics)

Taking Spine Procedures to the Next Level

Renaissance is Mazor Robotics’ guidance system that allows surgeons to perform any spine surgery, from the simplest to the most complex--safely, accurately, and efficiently while reducing radiation and optimizing clinical outcomes. Independent scientific research has shown that using Mazor Robotics technology in minimally invasive surgery (MIS) increases surgical accuracy, lowers clinical complication rates, reduces pain, and enables faster recovery and return to daily activities. Research has also shown its superior accuracy, up to 99.7% (compared to around 90% in freehand surgeries), in complex surgeries such as scoliosis corrections.

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