A Global Burden of Disease study found that neck pain is the fourth-leading cause of disability and diminishing quality of life. If you have neck pain that impairs your quality of life, you can get relief from leading orthopaedic spine surgeon Dr. Bonaventure Ngu, founder of Premier Spine Institute in The Woodlands, Texas. If you have acute or chronic neck pain and live in the Houston-Woodlands area, book a consultation online or call your nearest Premier Spine Institute location.

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Why do I have neck pain?

Your cervical spine in your neck is the thinnest portion of your spine yet must support the full weight of your head. Because your neck is incredibly flexible, the structures that compose it are susceptible to injury. These include your:

  • Vertebra
  • Vertebral discs
  • Muscles
  • Tendons
  • Nerves

What kinds of things can damage my neck?

Your neck pain can originate in another area of your body, such as tensed muscles in your shoulders. Common causes of neck pain include:

  • Whiplash or a blow to the head that injures muscles and tendons
  • Weak muscles that can’t adequately support your spine
  • Muscular tension that leads to stiffness and pain
  • Poor posture, including “tech neck” (bending your head to look at devices)
  • Aging or herniated vertebral discs that allow your vertebrae to grind against each other or impinge on a spinal nerve
  • Osteoarthritis, the degeneration of protective cartilage on vertebrae
  • Spinal stenosis, the degeneration of neural passageways, compressing nerve roots

You can cause or aggravate neck problems with poor posture. Even feeling stressed or upset can force your neck muscles to contract and become stiff and painful. Rarely, neck pain may signal a severe underlying disorder, such as a tumor, infection, or fracture in your spine.

When you visit Dr. Ngu for a neck-pain consultation, he records your medical history and conducts a thorough physical exam to diagnose the source of your neck pain.

How does an orthopaedic spine surgeon treat neck pain?

Dr. Ngu always uses the least invasive therapies to address your neck pain. He helps you build stronger muscles, tendons, and ligaments and learn better, more healthful ways of moving through physical therapy. Massage also can alleviate tension and promote better circulation in your neck.

If your pain is intense or doesn’t lessen with minimally invasive therapies, Dr. Ngu may prescribe antispasmodic medications. Antidepressants can block pain signals to give you relief.

When your cervical nerves are inflamed, Dr. Ngu can administer epidural steroid injections directly into the space that surrounds the nerve roots. The relief can last for months or more.

In cases of degenerated or herniated discs, Dr. Ngu performs disc replacement surgery. Your new, artificial disc cushions your vertebrae, preventing pain and nerve damage.

You don’t have to suffer from neck pain anymore. Contact Dr. Ngu at Premier Spine Institute for a neck pain consultation by booking an appointment online or calling his friendly office staff.